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It's a Dog Day Wedding!

So you are engaged….and you start thinking about your guest list.  But what about the ones nearest to their hearts? Sorry everyone…we mean their dogs!  

If you want to have your dog participate in your wedding, do it! We have had many dogs in photos and in ceremonies over the past few years and we love that we can help couples create these beautiful memories.

Here are our recommendations on how to enjoy having your pets participate in your wedding day.

**Have a pet handler.  You don’t need another thing to worry about on your wedding day so have someone designated to take care of your dog. 

**Only have your dog at the venue for a few hours.We recommend a maximum of two hours, which is enough time to snap some photos, greet some guests, and walk down the aisle.

**Make sure your dog has something cute to a flower collar! I mean, duh.

**Know how your pet will react to a lot of people. Just like humans, not all pets will enjoy being around large groups of people so if that is the case, have someone bring them for a short time so you can snap a few photos.

**Get your hugs and your photos and then let your pet go home to relax.

**Don’t have huge expectations.  Let them come for photos but if they need to go home early, just go with it.  You will be happier knowing that they are content and comfortable.

Here are some florists we know will help you decorate your dog!

Rose and Blossom

Flowers by Lily Garland

McBride Floral Designs

Sue Hines Floral

Wag ‘n Wed as a local business that will take care of your dog on your wedding day!

The most important thing to remember is that it should contribute to your beautiful day. If it becomes too much, it is okay to have them just stay home.  They will be thrilled to cuddle and hear all about your beautiful day regardless if they were there or not!

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