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Boulders are for Photos

As wedding season comes around, we have lots of questions about wedding photos on the property.  There are so many spots to choose from so we are going to start with one of our most iconic photo areas…the boulder rim. This area sits above the ceremony lawn so the photos are breathtaking and the sunset is just perfect for some great shots later in the evening. Our dance floor is an outdoor patio with large boulders around the edge so this is an easy area to get to. You don’t need to leave the party!

This area is beautiful for photos whether you have a blue sky in the background,  an overcast day, or a colorful sunset. You can take these early in the day, in the middle of the day for some golden hour photos, or take some with those spectacular sunsets. Spokane weddings with sunsets don't get any better than this!

Here are some of our favorite boulder photos. Each photographer has a special way of capturing the photos too so if you see something you like, let your photographer know!

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