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Moments in Time-In Photos

Great photos capture the love and energy of your day so when you look back at your photos, those moments in time come back to you. One of our favorite photos from our wedding is the group photo of all of our family and friends gathered around us. Every time we look at this photo, the memories come rushing back. This moment in time captures kids who were young who now have grown up to have their own families. It captures the last time we saw some people. It captures the most important people in our lives at that moment.

Work with your wedding planner and photographer to come up with ideas for capturing this moment at your wedding. The time we recommend at our venue is right after the ceremony, when all of the guests are still on the lawn. We have the photographer stand at the top of the stairs and capture this one moment before everyone disperses. There are other times and spots but it is harder to gather everyone after the ceremony. Here are a few of the wonderful group photos taken here.

Family Photo on Outdoor Patio
Photo Credit Caleb and Britt Photography

Wedding Guest Photo
Photo Credit W7 Studio

Ceremony Lawn Guest Photo
Photo Credit Nick Brimmer Photography

Wedding Staircase Photo
Photo Credit Caitlin Houser Photography

Outdoor Wedding Guest Photo
Photo Credit Bailey Riley Photo

Outdoor Lounge Family Photo
Photo Credit Whispering Daisy Photography

Wedding Guest Photo
Photo Credit Jessica Mumm Photography

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