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Planning the Fall Wedding of Your Dreams

Lodi Jackson Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, and Owner of The Ridge at Greenbluff

Who can resist a fall wedding with the beautiful colors and the chill in the air? It just seems like the perfect way to end the summer. But with that beautiful color also comes a slight drop in temperatures so here are some ways to make sure your fall wedding has those magical colors but is still enjoyable!

  • Pick the right time of year. Our maximum color is mid-September through mid-October. The color is at its peak but the leaves are still mostly on the trees. Our weather gets more unpredictable after mid-October so we only hold weddings the first two weekends of October.

  • Remind your guests to dress appropriately. Use your wedding website to remind your guests to bring jackets and that will make a huge difference!

  • Make sure you have options for heating. We have five patio heaters and if it gets chilly, we can pull the curtains to our pavilion so we can keep everyone toasty warm. We also have a fire pit and what is more fun than sitting around a fire pit?

  • Provide blankets. Believe it or not, just having some blankets on site can help take the chill off. At our venue, we provide baskets of blankets to guests so you don’t have to purchase them.

  • Provide warm beverages. Hot cider and hot chocolate are always popular and why

not include a little hot beverage bar? Hot coffees and teas will also keep those adults warm and snuggly inside.

  • Embrace the chill. The guys in suits are usually pretty happy with the cooler temperatures so we have them covered. For the girls…this is the perfect time to don those velvet dresses! There are sooooo many beautiful velvet colors to choose from.

velvet bridesmaid gowns, Nick Brimmer Photography
  • And for the bride…there are beautiful long-sleeved gowns and remember those cute Mrs. jackets and wraps you saw in the bridal shop? You could wear one and enjoy it! Forget those summer weddings where you wear it for the photo and then take it off because it is too hot! You can actually wear it as part of your wedding attire.

Trust us…it will be worth it. Those colors will absolutely pop in your photos and with a little planning, you can have a beautiful wedding day full of wonderful memories.

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