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Winter Wedding Planning

The days are getting shorter but you just know you could be doing something to prepare for you wedding next season….but what?

The difficult part about wedding planning is so many details get left to the last minute…and paired with friends and family coming into town, dress fittings, and all the rest, it can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed.

So here are some things you can do while you are cozied up on your couch in your pajamas at 4:30 pm (kidding not kidding) to help keep wedding planning fun!


Here is a list of events you might want to select music for-songs can be used for more than one event too!

  • Music before the ceremony

  • Music for the parents and grandparents to be seated to (same as above or a different song)

  • Music for the wedding party’s entrance

  • Music for the flower girl or ring bearers or flower dudes (yes- it is a thing)

  • Music for the bride’s grand entrance

  • Music for any special parts of the ceremony (sand pouring, knot tying, etc)

  • Music for the recessional (Whoo hoo! You did it!)

  • Music to be announced back in to the reception (once you have signed the marriage license and finished up photos)

  • Music for the first dance together

  • Music for the father/daughter dance

  • Music for the mother/son dance

  • Music for any other family dances

  • Music for the anniversary dance-this is a fun way to get everyone on the dance floor

  • Any special music requests? “Cha-Cha Slide”, “YMCA”, “Sweet Caroline”

  • Any ABSOLUTELY NOT songs? “The Chicken Dance”, you know-the ones that make you cringe…

  • And we always recommend that final, private last dance for just the couple as everyone gets ready for the send off. It could be the song from the first dance or something completely different.


  • We love the unique ways couples make their weddings special. Start ordering some 4x6 photos of your adventures that can be displayed on your wedding day.

  • Select a nice photo or two that can be framed and displayed on your guestbook table.

  • Ok…this is for the overachiever. My husband and I gathered photos of our ancestors and had photos dating back about 4 generations on each side. We matted them and made name cards for each photo. It was a huge hit…but only if you have plenty of time!


  • Winter is a great time to schedule dessert tastings (and remember if you are part of our all-inclusive package, we pay $300 towards your dessert purchase).

  • Don’t forget your beer, wine, and cider tastings. What a great way to spend this long winter…

  • Most caterers would love to get you in for tastings way before wedding season so get a tasting on the calendar!


  • Part of our wedding planning process is working with our couples to design their centerpieces and decor and some of those meetings start taking place around February. It is really helpful to have a page with your colors and inspiration so we know what to pull out before your meeting.

You will be amazed at how quickly the time flies so save yourself some stress and mark a few things off of your list now!

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